SEO Audit & Training in Kenya

The goal of our SEO Audit and Training services is to analyze your current SEO situation and define the most appropriate and effective SEO strategy for your website

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SEO Audit

Using our proprietary 300-point evaluation and in-depth audit reports, we assess your site’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to SEO, traffic performance and conversion rate optimization.

Free Website SEO Audit in Kenya

Auditing is a critical step in the Search Engine Optimization process. Before making any SEO changes, you want to ensure you are heading in the right direction. SEO Audits help in analyzing the current SEO situation and defining the most appropriate and effective SEO methods for your website

With us, you get a comprehensive & customized SEO Audit at any stage – at the onset of website creation, regular SEO health checks, verification of in-house SEO efforts, penalty reports (if any), and so on. Our personalized SEO Audits cover the following On Page SEO & performance aspects

SEO Training in Kenya

Cyber Pro Kenya offers SEO Training services designed to cover the latest tips and tricks to hack your way into organic traffic generation.

Personal SEO Training: Personal SEO training is recommended for those who want to establish themselves as SEO Specialists. We create customized training materials to cover new strategies & SEO tips that would add value to your SEO efforts. The choice of difficulty level can be anywhere from the SEO Basics, to Intermediate SEO to Advanced Levels.

In-house Team SEO Training: We help your team develop basic SEO understanding, share online marketing best practices, provide answers to their SEO Queries / Technical issues and more.

Management SEO Training: Executive buy-ins to start with SEO, increase existing SEO budgets, provide estimates and similar issues are common challenges faced by any in-house SEO. We help you prepare interactive and effective presentations that showcase the importance of Internet Marketing, highlight brand constraints, how to calculate budget estimations, set realistic expectations, SEO Return on Investment, and so much more


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